Proactive, Automated, Secure Edge Computing

  • Connect and monitor all aspects of your business.

  • LIAM(Logistics Integrated Asset Management), N4MATIVE's IOT platform,

    • flexible,

    • scalable,

    • easy to configure

    • Predictive


Differentiate and ACCELERATE your products and Services - Big DATA, ANALYTICS & PredicTIve Modeling 

  • 5 years of developing Big Data solutions for the worlds largest organizations

  • N4MATIVE"s team of Architects and Developers have successfully delivered on multiple projects of all sizes. Working with Customers from green field to highly mature engagements

  • we continue to innovate and build on our trusted advisor status as well as the quality of work we deliver.

  • Our work is fixed scope using Agile development models


Artificial Intelligence

  • Led by our Chief Data Scientist, Dr Bulusu, N4MATIVE continues to innovate and differentiate with solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence to produce deeper, proactive insights.

  • We have built solutions using Natural Language Programming,  Cognitive Thinking, Neural Networks, Deep Learning and more to solve business problems.