Started in 2012, we built a Big Data, Analytics, Sciences and Artificial Intelligence organization from the ground up. We deliver solutions and Services to some of the largest Public Companies across:

  • Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Automotive

  • ManufacturinG

  • utilities

  • Telecommunications

  • Hospitality

We are minority owned, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Our customer base spans 5 continents and 8 countries.

Our innovation practice differentiates us from competitors and drives innovation, helping our Customers To:

  • Acquire New Customers,

  • Keep Existing Customers,

  • Grow New Revenues,

  • Lower Operating Costs.



a world class provider of innovative business solutions that transforms customer EXPERIENCE using data. Building digital transformation solutions Using compelling state of the art technologies. Solutions that include: 

  • artificial intelligence,

  • data sciences,

  • analytics,

  • Big Data,

  • management consulting,

  • Chat Bots,

  • Block Chain. 

Customer Experience is a key focus for our organization. Delivering business value to our customers and ensuring that we have the best team engaged to execute.
— Richard Siber - Ex Global Managing Partner - Accenture

What We've Achieved

  • Delivered 23 use-cases on time and within budget for the largest Healthcare Organization(for-profit) in the world
  • Built a partner eco-system that embraces solutions that we jointly go to market with
  • Voted Top 10 Big Data Companies in the US - CIO Magazine
  • Global execution - Customer deployments in 4 Continents and 7 Countries

  • Successful delivery of Professional Services nationally for a top National Reseller 
  • Top Partner for NetApp in the SouthEast, US
  • One of 15 Big Data, IOT solution partners for Cisco Systems
  • Customer base ranging from 40B Organizations to SMB customers.