Here's just a small sampling of use-cases we have delivered over the years.


Supply Chain + Predictive Models = Significantly lower operating Costs

  • Built a data platform to ingest 400,000 messages per second from vibration sensors located on drill bits

  • Scored these messages and if it breached KPI's, we integrated with SAP to pull out a bill-of-materials to place an order with the supplier

  • Data ingested was then used to build predictive models that showed proactively when a drill bit is going to go bad so that the engineer can scheduled a planned outage to replace the drill bit.

  • The automation and predictive insights added tremendous business value to solve a problem that would costs millions if outages were not planned.


Medical Insurance claims completed in minutes from weeks of preparing claims

Insurance Claims in minutes vs weeks 

  • a solution to scan, index and load documents into a platform where we could drive automated workflows

    • file insurance claims

    • perform intelligent searches

    • build themes on the data in an unsupervised way

    • connect data using sciences algorithms to create insights, create document drag based on KPI's or attributes.


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N4MATIVE Personalized Video = A market of one 

  • This use-case involved building a personalized video to engage with customers in a differentiated way.

  • Today customers get coupons or mailers that incentivize customers to take advantage of services provided.

  • These incentives could be discounts, additional services or new product and services.

  • These are mass mailers with no analytics and its hard to measure if customers have seen and read the content.

  • A more effective way is to replace this type of marketing with NPV with analytics.

  • Analytics will show us how successful a campaign is by monitoring when the video was opened, watched, rematched, forwarded etc.